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Welcome to Ilulissat Water Taxi, which offers unforgettable sailing between icebergs in Disko Bay. The ice fjord is on the UNESCO heritage list and glacier flows about 30 meters per day and produces approximately 20 billion tons of ice every year, is an incomparable natural area and an outstanding experience.

Icebergs rises as giant cathedrals to the sky, not two icebergs are similar, but it is a unique scenario of ice sculptures of all shapes and sizes. There is great opportunity to see whales and seals during the boat trip and you can watch the fishermen in their small boats fishing between the icebergs, this is a magnificent experience in its own class of nature.

In the period June-Aug, the midnight sun is dancing. This gives you the opportunity for sailing where in the magical midnight sun throws its warm glow on the giant icebergs. The engine is turned off and there's only the natures own sounds from icebergs that drips and crackle.

Ilulissat Water Taxi offers a more intimate experience, with only 6 passengers along for the ride.

Ilulissat Water Taxi is an authorized shipping company, the boats are all approved and safety at the top, the experienced skippers have many years of experience in the local waters. The Finnish targabåd is designed for offshore sailing, with full comfort for all passengers, where you can both sit inside and out.

We sail in the period April 15 to October 31.

General Conditions

Tours from the boats home base, that are cancelled due to weather, ice conditions, technical conditions on the boat, and disease in the crew – will always be refunded 100%. It is only the captain of the boat who makes decisions in these matters. It will always be attempted to move the trip to another time or another date.

Greenland Water Taxi is not responsible for other peoples costs or expenses due to cancellations or delays in the service.

Tours based on ports other than home base will be billed as waiting day in case of cancellations.

A complex maintenance plan keeps the boat in the best possible condition, and minimizes the risk of technical problems.

If the customer chooses to cancel or reschedule a charter-booking, the following rules aply:

Until 21 days before tour start all bookings are fully refunded (unless other is agreed by the confirmation)

Less than 21 days before tour start 35% is paid (the rest will be refunded)

Less than 72 hours before tour start 75% is paid (the rest will be refunded)

If other rules apply they will be presented in the confirmation mail.

Changes underway

Described trips can change routes and destination along the way in case of challenges unforeseen weather and ice conditions. In such cases, refunded compared to not spent sailing time.

Prices and conditions

First of June – 31 October

Starting Price (2 hours included)… 3300 DKK

Following hours… 1650 DKK

Extra charge for sailing outside the period 09:00 to 21:00… 350 DKK / hour

Fee for emergency call-outs (all day)… 3500 DKK

Accommodation for boat in port other than home base… 6.000 DKK

Waiting day for the boat in port other than home base… 12.000 DKK

Regardless the calculated time there will always be billed for actual time spent on each tour.

If you have special request, please do not hesitate to call or send an email. We would be happy to put a special offer together to you.

For other prices see individual tours.

Equipment and Storage

Equipment and luggage allowed at your own risk. Greenland Water Taxi takes no responsibility of any damage to passengers carried equipment and luggage.



An average customer rating of 5.0 ranks Ilulissat Water taxi as an excellent tour operator.
Excellent company 2 reviews
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Ilulissat Water taxi

Average review rating 5.0

2 traveller reviews

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