Feeling one with Greenland

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Path through houses

When we travel, we are always looking for something different, eat special local food, experience seasonal activities, discover landscapes we’ve never seen before, find out the highlights and share the weirdest anecdotes when we are back home. 

Some of my favorite moments in Greenland are when I have plenty of time to feel the cold breeze, the snow falling on my face, my hair blowing in the wind, or my fingertips getting frozen while shooting photos. Every single time I’m in the arctic I have the same feeling, I AM IN THE ARCTIC!

Houses with iceberg in the back

Greenland feels like a different Planet

In Greenland, the houses are small but enormously beautiful, the air is so pure and nevertheless, it hurts when it gets colder. The people are smiley and friendly but I am pretty sure they cannot imagine how astonished we get as tourists when comparing our hometown with this picturesque and snowed lands. 

Take a walk, record the sounds of your feet leaving tracks, play with the snow, make snow angels, follow the birds with your eyes, pay attention to your shadow, it can be longer and it can also disappear in a moment. It’s the same planet, and somehow it feels like a different one. 

Girl making a snow angle

If you dream about Greenland 

Take your time to digest the dog sledding tour you had before, or the stunning flight, the gorgeous food you had for breakfast and how difficult is to get everything up here, the people who kindly guided your trips, the souvenirs you got, and how many times you’ve been dreaming about this travel. 

This is a place where you learn not only about the Arctic, but about yourself. Greenland is not a cheap dream indeed, though it will always be more expensive to die with the dreams.

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