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Keep in shape during your vacation in Greenland.

Fitness GL is a great opportunity to keep in shape during a vacation in NuukIlulissat, or Aasiaat. If you are visiting these towns, it´s possible to go work out 24/7. 

Fitness gl in Nuuk

Whenever I am on vacation somewhere in the world, I always bring my running shoes and some training clothes. Sometimes it’s possible to find a gym that gives you a day pass, but many times they want you to sign in as a member for a minimum of two months or so. Anyways, you can buy a day pass as well as one month in Fitness GL. So if you are visiting for a short term or longer you just need to download the app called JustIN Mobile and it will give you access to enter the gym at any time, even for Christmas and new year! They do have staff during the day but it´s a self-serving gym during the evening.  

Fitness key

So easy to use, so no excuses for not keeping in shape while traveling 😉 
The gym in Nuuk, Ilulissat, and Aasiaat is located in the center of the town, so it’s easy to go sightseeing or find a restaurant from there. 

The gyms have both workout machines, weights, showers, pre/post-workout bars/drinks machines. 

Fitness gl in Nuuk

I live in Nuuk and work once in a while in Ilulissat, which makes it very easy for me to go to the gyms by using one app on my phone. Love it! 

Fitness gl in Nuuk

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