Helicopter flight is also a way to get to Disko Island

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The only way to get to Disko island during summer is by boat or ferry, but from mid-October when the winds are getting stronger it´s not always possible to sail, so this is when the helicopter transportation starts and continues during whole winter period.

I was so lucky to go there by boat and return to Ilulissat by helicopter. The morning I left there was a very strong wind, but still we didn´t feel anything on board of a Bell212, so I could just enjoy the very beautiful sight when we were flying away from this paradise island.  

The helipad in Qeqertarsuaq is very close to the waterfront and has a view of a black beach and icebergs. It is so close to the water that sometimes during stormy days the icebergs are being pushed all the way up on the helipad. The helipad in summer for comparison 🙂

The helipad with the most beautiful view! 

The red houses are own by the University of Copenhagen and is an environmental research facility in central West Greenland. 

The mountains you see in the back are vulcanic created and there is snow on the top all year round, so it´s possible to go on a dog sledge up there during summer, while down by the sea level it’s very green and warm (appr.10-20 degrees).

There are so many great hikes, sledge, skiing possibilities here on the island with a landscape as beautiful as it can get!

It was a great flight, with an amazing view flying over huge icebergs and great landscape fresh covered by snow. So hereby a regard from a happy smiley me 🙂 

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