Bonfire, fishing & sup boarding

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How to celebrate Saint John’s eve in Greenland

My family is building a cabin near the settlement of Kapisillit, about 2 hours sailing from Nuuk into the fjord, just next to the only known river where salmon go upstream, safe to say we chose a good spot.

Beach bonfire with a blue boat in the background

Being in the midst of building the cabin meant that we had lots of spare wood, making it easy to make a grand bonfire.

People toasting in front of a beach bonfire

The grand backcountry of Kapisillit offers great hiking along the nearby lakes, having chances of seeing reindeers, foxes and hares, and if you dare go far enough to the icefiord, there are even chances of spotting musk oxen.

Panorama shot of the fjord

I had recently bought a SUP board and had to of course try it out on one of the bigger lakes.

Man in red coat standing on a stand up paddle board in the fjord

The weather wasn’t at its best, but the serene silence and freedom of traveling on water was wonderful.

And of course no trip to the fjord is complete without a bit of fishing.

A man holding up a cod that he caught in Nuuk Fjord

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