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I have lived in my home town Sisimiut, a Greenlandic name that means where the foxes live, since I was a year old. So for 22 years. Since a young age, I have had quite an interest in history and stories about myths and legends, and have gathered personal stories from not just my own experience, but also from the elders of my family.

I have worked as a local guide for two cruise ship seasons (from May to September). The work includes leading different sorts of tours, such as: Town walks, historical hikes, bus tours, and mountain hiking.

In between tourist seasons, I attended two separate higher educations in South Greenland with specialties of history, culture, art, flora, fauna, and guide techniques within and outside of the civilizations in Greenland and modern culture. I have therefore had the opportunity to learn a lot while traveling within my own country, gathered many certificates, and am now able to guide anywhere on the biggest island on earth.

If there are any questions about anything, please do not be shy to contact me. I speak Danish and English fluently, as well as my mother tongue, Greenlandic. I am also open for tours and/or guiding in Sisimiut, where I currently live.

Best regards

Aviaaja L. Olsen

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