Dancing with horses in Greenland

By Verified Expert

They have short legs, long, thick hair, a strong back and a stubborn, sturdy mind not to be messed with. They look like a pony. But once you’ve ridden it, you will know why we call it an Icelandic HORSE. Not a pony! 

In Sisimiut we have 5 beautiful Icelandic horses. They are the only horses north of the arctic circle and they are the most badass flock I have ever met. 
They were imported from Iceland some years ago, and because of their robust nature, they are able to live happily in these arctic conditions, surviving both snowstorms and mosquito-attacks. 

Woman talking to a brown horse
The beautiful, gentle Maggi inviting me to dance…

I don’t own any of the horses here in Sisimiut, but I am the lucky rider of Maggi when his owner is away. Besides the amazing evening-rides in the fields and the mountains of the area, I really love training him “from the ground”.

Woman talking to a brown horse
Showing him to follow my lead 

This training helps the horse to focus on his balance, his muscles and his own “body awareness” which is a pretty good thing when you ride in this uneven terrain – the horse needs to be veeeery aware of where he will take the next step, he needs to be strong and in good shape and capable of making clever decisions in the field – just like us, when we are exploring the wild.

Woman dancing with a brown horse
Synchronized and finding the rhythm together

However, the most important thing in this training, I find, is the way it connects me to the horse. It almost feels like dancing.

To me, being next to these powerful, strong and gentle animals is the ultimate connection to the forces of nature. I truly love it and it is a gift to be able to do it here in Sisimiut as well.

Woman thanking a horse for the dance
Thank you for the dance, my graceful gentleman…

Ps. These are not the only horses in Greenland. Many of the sheep-farmers in South Greenland use the Icelandic horse for herding the sheep, and some of them have also made riding-tours for you to come and visit. I haven’t been there myself, but I can only recommend that you go experience the nature from the back of a horse. 


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