Adventure over the adventure

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Have you ever tried a trek on the ice sheet in Greenland? From the international airport in Kangerlussuaq, you can actually hike or drive to the Greenlandic ice sheet. 

I would like to share this experience with you. The time I visited Greenland, we had this exciting trip to the Icecap in Kangerlussuaq, where the adventure began in a peculiar 4×4 that picked up the guests in their accommodation.

4×4 wheel drive to the ice sheet

The fascinating and large off-road vehicle driven by an Inuit guide took us to the enormous Greenland ice sheet. We were enjoying the trip when, suddenly, the huge vehicle broke!

The guide had to call someone to fix it and bring a very similar all-terrain vehicle to pick up the travelers and continue the expedition.

Greenland ice sheet

We had to wait more than half an hour in the wilderness, but it did not bother us, as we had time to admire the scenery, play in the snow, take pictures, enjoy the sunny day and get acquainted with the environment and cold temperatures at 20 degrees something below 0.

Greenland ice sheet

When the new vehicle arrived, we were ready for the rest of the adventure, the ice cap waited for us and we had the best trek on the ice, and I was ready for that with my spikes! 

Greenland ice sheet

I must say that I have been living in Svalbard and I had the opportunity to see polar bears, so I know how their footprints look.

I thought I saw polar bear tracks and I asked the guide if they were visiting the area, but he said no. However, I was almost sure I could recognize the prints.

Waiting by the cars to go to Greenland ice sheet

After the trip in Kangerlussuaq, I visited Ilulissat and had to return a few days later and fly from Kangerlussuaq to Denmark.

When I was at the airport, a local employee told me that the polar bear had visited Ice Cap a few days before, and even when I lost the opportunity to see it, I was extremely happy to receive the unexpected news and, sooner or later, I had to share this too.

Car going to the Greenland ice sheet

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