Deeply fascinating deep fishing tour!

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Fabulous fact, that no matter the tour you book in Nuuk, you will always end up having a wonderful experience. I had a deep fishing tour in Nuuk at the end of the summer and it was more than just a fantastic fishing day.

It was perfect to sail on a cabin boat, comfortable, cozy and heated!  First we went sailing towards the deep part of Nuuk fiord, looking forward to catch the famous Acadian redfish

Man taking a picture of an iceberg
Iceberg in the fjord
Iceberg in the fjord

On our way to the special spot, we visited a nice waterfall. It was so perfect and bigger than the one I visited before, coming from the freshest snow which melted on the icecap. And previously we sailed among icebergs, going around them, just to admire their particular shape and color.

Captain Jonas made the trip even better, he had been talking about the mountains, the whales, the fishing activity, how the weather has been changing lately and the chances to find polar bears in Greenland. 

Passenger and captain talking

This fish is found at between 60 and 600 m depth, and while throwing the rod to the sea, we need to give the first 80 meters of rod, so the baits can reach the area where they swim in. Forgot to mention these fish can live up to 75 years! 

Redfish are preyed by harbor seals, but we didn’t see them around this time. Characterized by having large eyes, since they are coming from the deep sea, their eyes pop up if they’re taken rapidly to the surface. They also have a a protruding lower jaw, spiny rays and bony spines that cover their grills. 

Man fishing
Woman holding a fish she caught
Dead fish
Man holding a redfish he caught
Man caught four redfish

It was my first time fishing, and I just could not believe I could be that luckier! A red fish in the first try, and two more on the second one!!! We had so much fun and Jonas helped us with all the equipment, pictures, fun and a well deserved coffee with biscuits as soon as we finished fishing.

The fun didn´t finish after that, because on our way back, we found more icebergs and beautiful sunset in Nuuk

Man holding a large redfish
Three people one fish
Large icebergs in the water

Here is a video of one the beautiful icebergs we saw, and one of the best moments of our fishing trip!  

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