Fishing and mosquitoes trip

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When you think about the summer season in the arctic, you think about how are you going to deal with the cold weather, the clothes shoes and extra items you need to bring… maybe extra sweaters, jackets, one, two or even three layers, hiking boots, waterproof items, sunglasses, sunscreen, camera, drone, go-pro, etc., but you never think about a net to prevent mosquito bites, otherwise you won’t get rid of them. 

Gril with mosquitonet

And just for the record, no, the mosquitos are not dangerous, but if by any chance you have one of these nets at home, don’t think twice, bring it! If you don’t, no worries, you can get it in Greenland. Now that you know it, do not panic! It’s part of the place, they are not dangerous, just a bit annoying when you go hiking and all you need to do is cover your head and keep enjoying the adventure no matter what.

Let mosquitoes be part of your arctic experience and don’t let them ruin your adventure up here! 

That does not mean they are everywhere in town, because actually, you won’t need it in the cities. It is also good to know that sometimes the weather is not that cold and you can be wearing a t-shirt or shorts.

Gril fishing

If you like fishing, forget about mosquitoes and bring your fishing rod. Cod and trout are what we got for dinner this evening, the freshest fish ever! 

Girl fishing
Fisk in the water

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