Snowshoeing in the moonlight

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When you get to Greenland during the winter time, there are many experiences maybe you don’t know, and definitely you cannot miss. 

If you are not a lazy traveller, you spend most of your time thinking about outdoor activities. When you have already tried the snowmobiles, the dog sledding tours, or if you have sailed around the icebergs, you mustn’t forget to try snowshoeing, and if you have the chance to do it during the night, do it! 

Snowshoeing with a red sky
People snowshoeing under a red sky

You need no previous snowshoeing experience and everybody feels more comfortable since it becomes safer because the feet do not sink in the depth of the snow. Our local and experienced guide provided us the perfect equipment; snowshoes, poles (sticks) and headlamps.

City in the moonlight

Then we had a break where we were sharing not only hod drinks and biscuits, but our favourite greenlandic experiences. On our way back, crossing the pads close to the grave yard, we were hunting northern lights, such as many other locals and travellers who were standing with their tripods because the forecast promised a good night  for aurora borealis, but they showed up a bit later. We were very luck that night, and even when it was quite cold, it was not windy at all so we enjoyed the view, the picturesque city of Ilulissat, illuminated by the streetlights and the stunning moonlight. Now you know there is always something wonderful around the corner, so don’t miss the icefjord night walk! 

People standing in the dark under the moon

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