What to do and what NOT to do in Greenland?

By Verified Expert

What to do in Greenland? Enjoy the place as much as possible! How?

Book as many activities as you can! Take a walk, go to the museums, enter to the churches and the souvenir shops. 

You cannot know how does it feel to sail around a neighborhood of icebergs if you don’t book a boat trip.

Huge icebergs

You won’t be sure of the strength of a dog team if you don’t book a dog sledding excursion.

Then you will be pretty sure that the dog is the human’s best friend no matter where you are or what you do. 


You may not understand how the arctic towns are if you don’t take a sightseeing tour.

Then you will find the nicest paths, the history, the relevant buildings, the leaders, and therefore, the reason that made this community settled down and stayed in that particular place. 

View of the town and iceberg

You will only realize that the northern lights “dance” in the sky when you take a guided tour and get away from the city light pollution, where the locals share their knowledge about this phenomenon.

Then you will consider this has been one of the best nights of your life. 

View of houses and the northen lights

Glaciers are quite different in size and shape, and you will figure it out the first time you look at them from the plane, the helicopter, the boat, the kayak, the snow scooter, the snowshoes, the sled, or underneath your feet wearing crampons!

There is a lot to learn from a place like Greenland, from their people and the way they survive in the Arctic, how they make it even nicer and also how they want to share it with the rest of the world. 

You never know if this is gonna be your first and last time this cool paradise, but just in case, don’t waste your time indoors, no matter which town you’re visiting, go outside and live Greenland!

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