Colorful Disko Island – Greenland

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Disko island is an extraordinary place. It’s very green and even has its own water in a bottle. 
This picture is taken from the place Kuannit, which is only appr. 2 hours from the town (one way) and is marked with yellow stones all the way. 

Inuksuk at the Disko Island.

At Disko Island they really do rest in peace 😉 In Greenland we use plastic flowers. This makes the cemetery looks more colorful and the flowers last longer in our cold environment.

The most beautiful place to be laid to rest.

Greenland is a beautiful country, and when the colors in the evening come it is indescribable. 

The colorful evenings can varie from orange, red, purple or pink and if it’s a clear night during winter, the sky can be filled with colorful northern lights. It is an amazing sight! Especially if you are located in an area with very little or no light from streets or houses. 
I remember from my childhood when we used to go out in the evening, dressed in our warmest outfit, laying on the snow and just watch the colorful sky. No words needed, just enjoy!

An amazing time to walk the beach! I took this picture with my phone, with no filter!

This is the beach in Qeqertarsuaq, the Disko island. It was at the beginning of October around 7 pm when I was walking home from work. It was a bit windy and cold, but very fresh and definitely beautiful! 

Beautiful black sand beach.

A very beautiful walk at the black beach close to the town. I went for a walk almost every evening here after dinner. Sometimes was this beach filled with icebergs that have been pushed up with the tide. 

The view of town from a mountain perspective.

Another nice evening walk in Qeqetarsuaq can be to the top of a mountain with this view over the town. Just be careful for the slippery snow and ice in the winter, and the gravel during summer. This is an amazing view just 20 minutes from the city center. 

The football field with the best view in the world.

Disko Island has a football/soccer field with an artificial lawn, and I bet that you haven´t seen a prettier view for a field?! 🙂

The difference in the environment experienced on only one walk!

So on Disko island, you can get these three different environments simply during one walk 🙂 Amazing!

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