Cruise along the coast of Greenland

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Why go on a cruise along the coast of Greenland?

Cruise ship docking in Greenland

Tourism in Greenland is increasing. People are traveling far to see our beautiful country.

Greenland is huge, and no roads connect the towns and the villages. So to go from one place to another you need to go by airplane or ship.

By going on a ship you get to see many places which you would just have flown over if you went by plane. 

East coast of Greenland

What a view! The east coast of Greenland have very special dramatic mountains and beautiful sceneries.

Lots of square meters per capita

Our country is the biggest island in the world with its 2,166,086 km2 (836,330 sq mi) and still, we are only 56.000 inhabitants, and the landscape is very different from North to South and East to West.

We have lots of space and are surrounded by pure nature. 

Clinking cups of tea and the icefjord
Coffee with a view

Imagen to be able to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee among icebergs, while whale watching, and enjoying the silence.

The feeling of fresh cool air and the midnight sun gives you the opportunity to stay out all night if you like. 

Guide explaining
Me telling the guests about the icefiord

All the cruise ships have guides that can tell you all about the places you are visiting and sailing through.

It is not just facts but also private stories which makes it more interesting than reading your guidebook 😉

Whale watching
Whale watching

You never know when the whales are around, so even a day at sea it can be a very exciting day when the whales start to blow air and show tails close to the ship.

Special humpbacks are seen very often because they are more curious than scared.

Pack for cold and sunny weather

So if you are visiting Greenland remember to pack your warm clothing so you can stay out and enjoy the sceneries.

Also pack your sunglasses and sunscreen, because the sun is shining 24/7 during summer, and your binoculars and camera for bird and whale watching!

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