Mindfulness in Greenland

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Greenland is 836,330 square miles and has only 56.000 inhabitance. So we have lots of space! We have a huge nature, fresh air and lots of space to breathe. A perfect place for mindfulness. 

Girl enjoying the view

In summer we have appr. 5-15 degrees celsius and it feels warmer because of the dry air. So you can go for a long hike and take a long break while enjoying the view. Many towns and villages have marked hiking routes, so you wouldn´t get lost in the huge nature of ours 🙂 

All of our towns and villages except for one are located along the coast and therefore have a sea view while having mountains as well. What else can you ask for?

Person on top af a hill

Just a few minutes of walking you can be a place where you feel all alone in the world! No one else around, just you and your thoughts. A place you can raise your arms and let go of everything that is weighing you down and feel lighter! The feeling of freedom in life!

Nuuk water taxi

There are many opportunities to be out in nature. You can also go by boat or ship, either for a place to another trip or for a day tour. A Water Taxi is also possible to hire in several towns, which you can read more about here: Watertaxi.

View of the fjord

There is nothing like this! A morning coffee with amazing surroundings! Emagin to have new scenery every day, and see different places. The small villages with only 50 inhabitance are very different from the bigger towns, and also when you go from South to North and East to West

Yoga on the deck

When you are out at the sea, you feel one with mother nature. I really enjoy doing yoga outdoor on the deck when the sea is calm. Amazing feeling with the fresh breeze and nothing around you but a nice sea view. 

Tanning on the coast

You can also go swimming, but I am telling you it’s cold. But if you are a winter bather or just want to go for a polar plunge, this is the very right place to do it! 

When I was a child we didn´t have a swimming pool, so we had to learn to swim in lakes, and today you still see that during summer in many places. 

Greenlandic food

After a long hike and a swim, you could go have an amazing dinner and taste our fresh-caught local food. Many cafées and restaurants serve this and mosk ox, reindeer, etc.

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