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Being one with nature and your baby <3

It gives me so much to be out in nature, both physically and mentally. So much joy!

Store Malene, Nuuk
Store Malene, Nuuk


I always loved being in nature, hiking, or enjoying the sea by boat. So when I got pregnant it didn´t stop me, actually, I went out more often because I knew how healthy it is both mentally and physically, and not just for me but also for the baby in my belly. Happy and healthy mom happy and healthy baby 😉

Colorful Nuuk
Dad, mom, and baby in the belly enjoying the view

Hikes around Nuuk

I live in Nuuk where we have many walk and hiking opportunities, from short city walks to long hikes. Following pictures are my favorite spots around Nuuk, and depending on the mood and weather I love to hike one of these, once in a while.

Lille Malene

When you arrive at Nuuk by airplane you can see Lille Malene mountain next to the airport, there is a ski lift there which you can follow up the Lille Malene mountain. A great hike both for winter and summer with a beautiful view. Depending on your speed, and the length of your camera lens, this hike can be about 1-3 hours from the bottom to the top and back down. If you want a longer hike, you can walk all the way from and to the town and skip the bus ride, which gives you 6 extra kilometers each way.

You can also hike around this mountain which is the green route on the map above.

On top of Lille Malene
On top of Lille Malene 7 months pregnant

Store Malene – Orange route

This mountain is 760 meters and gives you an amazing view over the entire Nuuk! and when you look the other way you get a view of pure nature (the first picture in this blog).

This hike is the orange route on the map above. I recommend you go with a guide if you are not used to hiking and especially on steep mountains. Parts of this hike can be very difficult, so be careful and stay on the marked route. Bring food and water with you, along with sunscreen and a mosquito net if you come during summer.

On top of Store Malene, Nuuk
On top of Store Malene 6 months pregnant

Nedkørsel – Yellow route

Sometimes I hike alone and get to meditate, but I do like to have company as well and go with a friend or my sister’s dog which is a Siberian musky that needs lots of exercises, so she loves to come along on these long hikes in the nature.

The picture below is at “Nedkørslen” Which is a about 5-6 hours hike return, from the end of the road (if you take the car) otherwise you have to include 6 kilometers each way if you start at the center of Nuuk. You will follow the yellow route which takes you to Kuanninnguit and if keep going you´ll end at “Udsigten” where you find a shelter. You can stay here for the night if you bring a sleeping bag and enjoy the view of Sermitsiaq mountain (the picture beneath)

Nedkørsel, Nuuk
At Nedkørsel shelter, 6 months pregnant

Udsigten – Pink route

Udsigten means “the view” and I promise you it is a nice one! 🙂
I really love this hike and have done it several times both summer and winter. It is about the same length as the one above to “Udsigten” but is steeper on the last part. If you are used to hiking in this kind of terrain, you could do both the yellow and the pink in one day.

In the picture below you see my friend Anna and me at Udsigten, and not to forget my 6 months baby boy in my belly. He became a super expert hiker while being in my belly ;-P While I was pregnant we went about 10-12 times to Lille Malene, twice to Store Malene, twice to Nedkørslen, and twice to Udsigten. I am so proud of him! <3

Udsigten, Nuuk
At Udsigten, 6 months pregnant

Baby in the arctic

Unless it’s storming hard we go out with our lovely son Liam, even if it’s minus 20 degrees celsius and you can´t see much due to snowy weather, we go out. It is so nice to get fresh cool air and some exercise, and that feeling afterward when you return home to a warm shower, and a blanket on the couch with a cup of coffee or tea. Even if it’s minus 20 celsius and you can´t see much for snowy weather, we go out. It is so nice to get fresh cool air and some exercise, and that feeling afterward when you return home to a warm shower, and a blanket on the couch with a cup of coffee or tea. Best of all, it is good and healthy for our son who sleeps so well when being outdoors.

Happy parents :-)
Happy parents 🙂
Icy and snowing baby must still go out ;-)
Icy and snowing baby must still go out 😉

Happy parents happy baby

I believe Liam is a happy infant because I did what I love and kept myself healthy by going hiking while I was pregnant and trained in the gym until a week before giving birth. We will keep going and let us see if he will become the new superman someday;-P

Liam loves to sleep outdoors
Liam loves to sleep outdoors
Hi is of course a super baby !:-)
He is of course a super baby! 😉

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