Mini-vacation at Kang Skicenter

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Finally, Easter was upon us. This meant that we had the opportunity to go for a longer trip outside of Nuuk. 

We decided we’d head to Kang Ski center. This small cluster of cabins is available for tourism and is located about 10 kilometers (as the crow flies) from the Greenlandic capital. It is possible to get there by snowmobile or boat – we choose the latter.  

Boat trip to Kang Ski Center

Wednesday afternoon we sailed with three of our friends from Qinngorput into the fjord. 

Boat trip to Kobbefjorden

After 15 minutes of sailing, we got off at a shore in the Kobbefjord. From there, we had to walk about three kilometers with all our equipment to reach our little cabin. 

Boat sailing away from shore

It is fairly hilly terrain, but with the great weather and beautiful surroundings, it was no struggle at all.

Huge amounts of snow

After about an hour of walking, we arrived at the cabin. We were quick to find a place in the sun where we could chill out and eat some chips – we really needed it!

Small cluster of huts surrounded by snow
Blue hut surrounded by snow
A woman reading something from a board game

The first couple of hours we spent unpacking our stuff and getting ready for dinner. We had brought bulgur salad and meatballs which we enjoyed in the evening sun. After dark, we went inside the cabin and spent the night playing board games. 

Northern Lights in the Kobbefjord

One thing we had all wished for and were looking forward to was the northern lights. Our chances to see the beautiful lights seemed fairly good and some of us had brought all kinds of camera equipment. 

Around midnight we seized the opportunity to go out in the darkness of the night. From our patio, we could see the electrically charged particles meander in the night sky. With a GoPro Hero 6 Black (with a shutter speed of 30 seconds) we started taking pictures. 

We were extremely lucky and took a lot of beautiful pictures. Some of these can be seen below. 

Northern lights over a mountain top
Northern lights over a mountain top
Northern lights over a mountain top

A beautiful hike in Kobbefjord in the sunshine 

The next morning we woke up to a clear blue sky. We went out in our trekking clothes and decided it was too warm to put on our winter jackets! We started walking up one mountain and made several stops along the way to enjoy the amazing views. We had to take off our gloves and hats because of the warm sun. 

As we stood and looked over the fjord, we suddenly heard a loud sound coming from above. A huge eagle dived towards the ocean to try and catch a smaller bird that flew close to the surface of the water. Sadly for the eagle (and for us), the bird managed to slip away. 

Beautiful view of Kobbefjorden

After having hiked in the snow for a few hours and enjoyed the amazing views over the Kobbefiord and the mountains, we decided to take a break. We found a good spot where we could sit in the sun and enjoy our lunch.  

Four people eating lunch on a rock

Goodbye for now

After some lovely days in the mountains, it was time to head back to Nuuk. We closed down our little cabin and set off towards the Kobbefjord to get picked up. We left the cabin long before our pick-up time so we could walk slowly and enjoy the sun and the mountains before going back to the city. 

Once again, we had a beautiful boat tour and the water was filled with small and big ice flakes that had broken of the sea ice in the fjord. 

Sun shining down on the water

Whether you are into skiing, hiking or relaxing, Kang Skicenter is definitely worth a visit. We hope to return to the Kobbefjord in May or June to see the landscape without snow.

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