The Greenlandic Husky… and the puppies

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Okay so maybe you don’t want to travel across the globe to see a puppy… or maybe you do. However, they are here – the greenlandic husky puppies. And they are so adorable and completely mesmerizing. 

An 8 weeks old pup ready to be cuddled
An 8 weeks old pup ready to be cuddled

In Greenland, the huskies are only allowed north of the arctic circle. That makes Sisimiut the most southern place for the husky. 

The greenlandic husky is a working dog. And before I explain any more, let me just say, that although this IS a dog, you will experience that it has more in common with a wolf than with the domestic dog as we know (and love) it. 

Strong and beautiful young male guarding his fish
Strong and beautiful young male guarding his fish

In Sisimiut the dogs have their own “village”. All the dogs live in packs made by their owners. It has been decided by law, that as soon as the dogs is 6 months old, it must be tied up. So they get tied up two by two outside their shelter. To many tourists this can be quite a sight. 

Many have asked me, why they can’t approach the dogs. And I always get a little surprised – I mean, would you approach any tied up dog? Husky or not, dogs are territorial predators, and when tied up, there is a big chance, they might feel threatened. And since they can’t escape, they might attack. 

Sibling pups a few weeks before being tied up
Sibling pups a few weeks before being tied up

So why do the greenlandic husky need to be tied up outside? It seems so rough. And it is. Luckily the dog is tough as well.
First of all, the husky is “programmed” to have the thickest fur you can imagine, so that it won’t be cold in the arctic winter. So imagine yourself sitting in your comfy warm living-room with your warmest clothes, woolen sweaters, parka and heavy boots on. That’s how warm the husky is inside. Not very pleasant. 
Second of all, the adult dogs shouldn’t really run free in the villages. Unfortunately there has been a few too many biting accidents in Greenland with huskies running loose. That being said, I have seen so many talented owners, whose dogs are absolutely superbly trained, kind and well-behaved.

Adult female sled dog standing on a rock
Adult female. I think she is stunning!

The huskies are used in the winter for dogsledding. In the summer some of the owners bring their dogs to the mountains as well, train them with special summer-wheeled-slegdes or run with the dogs to keep them in good shape for the winter.

So, when you do visit Sisimiut or other sledge-dog destinations, enjoy the amazing sight and sound of the husky. They play a huge role in the inuit history and culture and they are a truly fascinating animal. 

Woman playing with a sled dog puppy in the grass

PS. If the puppies approach you… pet them, love them and thank them for making your trip unforgettable! 


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