The ice sheet that covers our arctic dreams

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Once you book a tour in Kangerlussuaq thinking about the Ice Cap, you cannot realize at all how small you will feel after putting your feet on a sort of edge of an ice sheet which covers aproximately 80% of the greenlandic surface. If you visit Greenland either during the summer or during the winter, make sure you add this trips on first place, because it is available all year around!  

Colorful houses in Greenland
Sun rising above nature in Greenland
Flower lit up by the sun

 I booked this trip at the end of October, when the sun was about having vacations and the northern lights were dancing at night. If you really want to get ready for this excursion, bring a good jacket, hiking boots or winter boots, crampons (guides also has some crampons at the vehicle, in case you don’t), camera, hat, gloves, scarf and water.  Thomas was our guide, he picked us up at the hostals and hotels, and we were all excited about getting to the Ice Sheet. We all start enjoying the tour when the guide and the guests are happy and friendly. It was quite cold but the shy sun was slowly showing up between the clouds.  

Shadow of a woman
Reindeer walking in the snow
Sun shining through the clouds

We found some reindeers on our way, and the guide stopped so we could take some pictures. We also found some nice tracks of hares, reindeers and birds. After driving on the regular roads, the peculiar truck (4×4 kind of tundra bug vehicle), Thomas stopped and chained the wheels so we could safely cross over the slippery roads and get closer to the ice sheet.  

Arctic flowers in the wind
Ice sheet in Greenland
Ice sheet in Greenland

It was the second time I visited Kangerlussuaq, and every trip is different, also the weather, the shape of the snow, the feelings, the thoughts, and the pictures! I love traveling alone because I always get the chance to make new friends from all over the world. People also gives you another perspective of the place, inspiration and experiences you share and learn; that is also part of the journey.  

Woman seen through a hole in the ice
Christmas tree in Greenland
Arctic flowers in Greenland

 I managed to take a picture of one of the tallest trees of the tiny forest. We had a break and the guide shared hot drinks and cookies. Snow keeps falling, such as dust and rain, and therefore gasses also get capsuled making the sheet thicker, pushing it down towards the sea.   Sadly, the arctic ice is melting much faster than scientists speculated, so we all visiting Greenland and getting close to the Ice Cap feel priviledged, honoring the opportunity of being there.  

Greenland seen from a plane
Ice covered window

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