Greenland in October

By Verified Expert

Winter is coming. The temperature is dropping and the lakes and fiords start to freeze. So cold, bright and beautiful. 

Greenland is 2.650 kilometers long, which is appr. same distance from the south of Norway to the south of Spain, so in North Greenland, they already have the polar night with no sun at all for the next 4 months, and -15 degrees Celsius, while south Greenland just got a bit of snow and has still days with few degrees above 0. 


This picture is taken close to Kangerlussuaq, which is Greenland’s largest commercial airport. It is located appr. 50 kilometers above the arctic circle. The airport is located far inland so during winter it´s always extra cold while it´s extra warm in the summer. 

Sled dogs in the sun

The dogs are now sliding around like Bambi on ice 🙂  

Clothes drying outside in the sun

Oh i love to dry laundry outdoor in the cold and fresh air. The best is to go to bed with fresh outdoor dried bed sheets. 

You see this everywhere in Greenland and all year round.

Arctic flowers in the sun

So beautiful, when the green becomes yellow, then red, and ends all white and bright. 

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