Midnight sun, Ilulissat

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Couple enjoying the midnight sun

For two months the sun doesn’t set in Ilulissat, and we love it! 

In the winter it’s very dark and cold and the sun doesn’t rise from November to January, this is the polar night. Then January the 13th is a big celebration day when the sun rises over the horizon for the first time, after two long dark months. Thereafter the sun shines 20 minutes longer for each day, and in May it stops setting, which is the midnight sun. 

This is my 11th summer in Ilulissat, and for each time I arrive here I have to get use to the brightness. But we love the long days and don’t need that much sleep, which we get a lot of during the dark and cold winter days. 

A watch being held up next to the midnight sun

Midnight cruise among the icebergs is a must do while visiting Ilulissat! This excursion is 2½ hour long and takes you to the mouth of the icefiord, among the huge icebergs. Starts at 22:00 and ends at 00:30 so you actually get to see the midnight sun at midnight 🙂

It’s a very popular tour that all of the towns tour operators are offering, and its fully booked many evenings during the summer. Of course we also recommend to see these icebergs from land and from the air! 😉

Midnight sun at Ilulissat icefjord

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