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Frequently Asked Questions

About Ilulissat

1. How do I get to Ilulissat?

If you are coming in the summer, there are flights from both Iceland and Denmark. From Copenhagen, Denmark, there are flights every day during the summer, with up to 10 flights a week. You transit at the hub airport Kangerlussuaq, that has good connections to Ilulissat. From Reykjavik, Iceland, there are direct flights that take you to Ilulissat, with departures from both Keflavik (Reykjavik International) and Reykjavik Domestic airports.

In the winter there are 4 flights a week from Copenhagen, to which there are smooth domestic connections to Ilulissat. Flights from Iceland are closed during mid-winter, but open twice a week from late winter to spring, in time for the dogsledding season.

2. What do you recommend to do in Ilulissat?

The gigantic icebergs in front of town, which come from the UNESCO World Heritage Ilulissat Icefjord is the biggest attraction. Boat trips to sail among them, and hikes to the Icefjord are very popular all year round. 

There are many things to do - hiking, kayaking, whale watching, or just relaxing under the midnight sun in the summer; dog sledding, snowshoeing and northern light tours in the winter. It’s also nice to explore the whole Disko Bay area, to visit other towns, go to the small settlements of Oqaatsut (Rødebay) and Ilimanaq, or spend time in camps or cottages such as at Eqi Glacier.

3. I can't find available rooms in Ilulissat. What can I do?

There are a good number of hotels and hostels in Ilulissat, but they can get full in the summer season. You can try airbnb , as there are quite a few in Ilulissat. Or if you can come earlier or later in the season, that could also be a solution. 

 Another way is to go to neighboring towns in Disko Bay, such as Qeqertarsuaq, Qasigiannguit or Aasiaat. You can experience both Ilulissat, which is a tourist hub with many attractions, and the other towns, each which have a unique charm and a different atmosphere from Iulissat.

4. How can I travel from Ilulissat to other towns in the region?

The boat company Disko Line provides scheduled traffic in the whole area. There are boat charters such as Ilulissat Water Taxi. Tours that go to the nearby settlements of Oqaatust (Rødebay) and Ilimanaq include boat transportation. 

5. What is winter in Ilulissat like?

Winter and early spring is a fantastic season to visit Ilulissat. Northern lights dancing over the huge icebergs from Ilulissat Icefjord is a very special experience. Boat tours to see the icebergs operate year-round, you can join a dog sledding experience, and snowshoeing tours allow to to venture into the Arctic landscape easily.