Sailing in Ilulissat

By Verified Expert

The most productive glacier in the northern hemisphere is just around the corner of Ilulissat. The glacier is 70 kilometers in the icefjord and keeps producing huge icebergs all year round.  Many people travel very far to see and experience moments like these:

Sailing among the icebergs

Every summer I look forward to this!

It is the 12th summer I am spending here and every year I have a bunch of pictures of the icebergs. They keep changing and the color of the sky, the contrast, and the sea keep changing so no pictures are the same. 

Ilulissat icefiord

Sailing among the huge icebergs in Ilulissat is an amazing experience I can’t get enough of. The fresh air, the smell of ice, the calmness, and being one with nature is just special feeling. 

View from the boat
A calm day at sea

This picture is taken a week ago, in mid-June. This time of year when the sun doesn´t set, you can enjoy the view 24/7. 

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