Kangaamiut settlement

The settlement of Kangaamiut

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Kangaamiut is a settlement on a small island north of Maniitsoq in West Greenland. The settlement has around 300 inhabitants and was founded in 1755 by Anders Olsen.

The history of Kangaamiut

Kangaamiut was originally called ‘Sukkertoppen’ (the sugar peak). The name was invented by some Dutch whale hunters who named it after the beautiful mountains a bit north of Kangaamiut. They thought it looked like a sugar top, or sugarloaf, because of the three hills. The locals called the mountains ‘’Uummannat’’.

Kang Uummannat

In 1733 when Maniitsoq was founded, they took over the name “Sukkertoppen” which is why the settlement today is called Kangaamiut.

Beautiful fjords near Kangaamiut

Kangaamiut is located close to the Eternity Fjord (Kangerlussuatsiaq in Greenlandic) and is one of the longest and most beautiful fjords in Greenland.

Eternity Fjord

Location: 65°49′30″N 53°20′15″W

Kangaamiut has a great location which means that the local hunters and fishermen are well-known as good providers of dried reindeer and fish (all sea and land animals). In other words, in the area of Kangaamiut, it is indeed possible to fish, angling, and hunt.

Eternity Fjord hunting
Photo taken by Suulooraq Jessen

Kangaamiut also has a well-known choir and many people around Greenland really want to hear them. There are so many songs made by the locals which are now being sung all over the country.

How to get to Kangaamiut?

It is possible to visit the settlement of Kangaamiut by sailing on a cruise ship (which includes the settlement in its itinerary), or if you are going with the local ferry.

Kangaamiut from top

Nonetheless, it is definitely worth a visit!

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