How does it feel to daydream in Greenland?

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Do you dream of long Arctic winter nights, beautiful sunsets and northern lights in Greenland?

Sometimes we experience beautiful dawns, and sunsets at home, but the feeling of experiencing these particular moments in places like Greenland, make you think that sleepless nights are not that bad up here, they are worth it indeed. 

It doesn’t matter where are you overnighting, as long as you wake up on time, waiting for the sun to start painting the landscapes, the picturesque villages, the patient clouds, and the towering icebergs. This photo has been taken during the winter time in Ilulissat, West Greenland. (March 2018)

Nothen Lights over Myggedalen

Photo: Toke Landy Brødsgaard

If you’re also dreaming about the aurora borealis, you need to be awake when chasing the northern lights to show up somewhere in the cold and magic darkness. Just keep an eye on the sky, that’s the best advice. 

Whether you are waiting for sunrise or sunset, you do not even need to freeze outside, you can stay close to the window. Each day is a different painting, a piece of luck and also a blessing to have the opportunity of being part of the Greenlandic landscape, at least for one more time until we pack our reached dreams, and start heading back home, pleased, full of joy and a bit melancholic of leaving behind this adventure.

Orange runrise

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