Sailing among giants

By Verified Expert

How does iit feel to sail in Ilulissat? Well, first of all we must keep in mind the meaning of this town. Ilulissat means “icebergs” in kalaallisut (greenlandic). So now you can picture yourself sailing in a chilly paradise during the winter time, surrounded by its residents, frozen giants floating freely, huge white buildings standing all around Disko Bay, witnessing the beauty of West Greenland. As soon as the sea thaws, the boat trips are available and ready to wander around the coast to show travellers the different shades of blue in this magnificent place. You can also try to imagine the size of every single iceberg you are spotting, sometimes the area you see above the sea, it’s not even a fifth part of the whole block of ice. I am sure everybody could spend many hours admiring the icebergs while they’re slightly moving towards Davis Strait, and wish them a happy ending, if we can say so! 

Giant iceberg

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