With your feet on the glacier

By Verified Expert

If you get the chance to go to Greenland during the summer, you may find trekking trips, but not the ordinary trekking trips, you will have the opportunity to step on a glacier! 

I’ve mentioned before that being in Greenland feels also like visiting a different planet, and this particular feeling can be explained better with pictures of this fascinating adventure. 

Glacier by the water

I’m going back to the summer of 2013, sharing with all of you the pleasure I had while puting my feet on the polar ice cap in Kalaallit Nunaat. I took a flight from Reykjavik to Kulusuk and stayed on the settlement for a few days. 

View of glacier

We took a boat trip with one of the locals, sailing in the fjord, enjoying the views on our way toward the coastline. When we finally got there, I couldn’t stop sighing and blinking; it looked like a neverending ice desert, a grey one, but still the best one. Eventhough, keep in mind that the ice doesn’t look always the same, it depends on the sunlight, and no matter what, you will feel blessed as soon as you realise where on heaven you are. 

Walkning on the glacier

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