December in Greenland

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Greenland in winter might be a bit cold, but it is for sure beautiful and cozy! 

Many might think winter in Greenland is cold and dark, but even though we might have polar nights or only a few hours of sun, the snow actually brightens up everything, and if you have the right clothes you´ll be warm in the cold.

For many years I have been escaping to the south during winter because I prefer the sun and beach. This winter I am in Nuuk spending time with family and friends in Nuuk, and enjoying every moment! -even the cold 😉

Nuuk in winter

The capital of Greenland is Nuuk, which has approx 18.500 inhabitants and is growing fast. The picture above is the newest part of the town called Qinngorput and means “the bottom of the fiord.”

The mountain to the left of the picture you see Sermitsiaq mountain which is an icon of Nuuk. 

Nuuk in winter

North of the polar circle the towns and villages don’t see the sun for months during winter, while we here in Nuuk still have approx. 4 hours of sunlight.

The sunrise and sunsets are very colorful and give us beautiful and peaceful sights. The picture above is taken of the sunrise, while it is a sunset in the picture below. 

Nuuk in winter with a orange sunset

In each town and village in Greenland, you can see the sea because they are all located on the coast. Therefore we can easily reach the waterfront and enjoy a sunset in the middle of the day.

I took these pictures in the last week of November when the sunset was at 15.15. 

Walk on the staircase at the colonial harbor

I love this walking path which is newly built along the water in the old part of Nuuk. It is located close to the national museum, and the pontoon for water taxi, so if you are planning on visiting Nuuk come and check this place out. 

Christmas star in the window

December is very cozy with all the Christmas decorations lighting up the houses, and with the darkness, we enjoy the star lights on the windows even more.

This orange star is seen in many of the houses in Greenland. This is a must-have for Greenlanders who are abroad for Christmas.  My sister has sent me one several times, to have a little bit of home with me for the holidays.

There are several Christmas trees in town at Christmas time, and it’s a big day when they turn on the lights of the trees.

This year in Nuuk it was Saturday 30th of November in the old part of the town, and Sunday the 1st of December in the center of Nuuk.

I was so excited “like a little girl” as my friend said, who went with me 🙂 It was because I hadn’t seen it for over 10 years and this experience is very special. So many people gathered around the tree, with lots of snow and joy. That’s what I call great Christmas spirit! 

May you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New year! 

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