Eqi glacier Ilulissat

Eqi – Ilulissat

By Verified Expert

 – the calving glacier is one of my favorite excursions in Ilulissat area. 
This glacier lodge has 15 huts, with the best view you could ever have, the calving glacier. All day and night the glacier is calving once every 5 minutes or so, and sometimes it even sounds like thunder. It is a unique experience, to have this as a view from your bed in these huts. 

This place is 90 kilometers north from Ilulissat, and you get there by ship duration 3-5 hours, depending on the type of the ship. After a steep welcome, you arrive at this amazing place like nowhere else, middle of nowhere. 

There is a café where all the meals are served, and there are a chef and tourist guides working here all summer.

From the lodge, there are several hiking possibilities. To the moraine, to the delta, and it´s also possible to hike to the ice cap. It´s possible to reach the ice cap and back on a one day hike, but some decide to spend the night close to the ice cap in tents and spend more hours on the ice the following day, before heading back to the lodge. 

This place is a must-see while visiting Ilulissat.

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