I love kayaking in Ilulissat

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Ilulissat is my second hometown. I love traveling but have to go back to ‘the town of icebergs’ every summer to recharge my heart, enjoying the sun, ice, guests, friends and all the things the summer has to offer. 
Kayaking among the icebergs
 is an excursion everyone can experience while visiting Ilulissat.

Experienced or not, I highly recommend a kayak tour in Ilulissat. It’s a great way to see/feel the town of the icebergs. 

It lasts about 2-3 hours and everyone can go on this excursion even without any experience.  You meet your guide at the meeting place, take some of your clothes, and shoes off, leave just your base layer and you get the drysuits specially designed for kayaking in the Arctic.

The certified kayak guides go through a safety briefing before letting you out in the water. They have all the equipment, and even take pictures while you are out. So you can enjoy every minute and the only thing you need is sunscreen and sunglasses 🙂

So just bring the adventurous side of you and your sunscreen, and you are good to go! 😉 

So beautiful and calm. A perfect place to be in the present, and enjoy it! I am always a bit scared when I go in the kayak because I have had a bad experience with water as a child, but once I am its like I release everything except for joy 🙂 Usually, the tour is in double kayaks but even in single kayaks, they are stable and you don’t need to be afraid!

Enjoying bailey´s on rocks (which we caught on your own) in the disco bay. 

This is something!! Zigzagging among the ice, the calm and quietness. Just you and your kayak middle of the big disco bay sea and the whales blowing air in the far. This is a perfect place and a special moment you will remember for life. At least I will! 🙂 

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