Sailing in Greenland – a balm for the soul

By Verified Expert

If you visit Greenland, please do yourself a favor and go out on a boat tour! I was working on a ship a few weeks ago and one morning I woke up to this view. This is what I would call a SEA VIEW! 🙂 

Sailing in Kangerlussuaq fiord

Sailing with a ship slowly down by amazing fjords is lovely, and going with a fast boat is like flying over the sea!

I really do like both and can say it´s two totally different amazing experiences. We cooperated with this Targa named Sirius, with two amazing guys as the crew from Sisimiut. They took us on cruising tours among icebergs, to glaciers, on whale safari, etc. The great, fast, and comfortable boat is on many Greenlanders wishlist 🙂

Sailing in the fjord
Boat trip

Did you know we didn´t have any roads connecting the towns in Greenland?? It´s true! You can see our highway in the picture below. Not many traffic lights are needed 😉

Greenland highway

I took the picture above on a helicopter ride, which is also a must-do if you ask me. It gives you another perspective of the great nature and the sizes of the icebergs and whales below you. 

Mountians in the fjord

Silence, timelessness, and flow! It is a balm for the soul to be one with nature, which is good for any human being!

I love to experience new places and cultures, so I travel a lot and have lived in a suitcase for 11 years, but I need to come here once in a while to feel complete. This is where I charge my heart and soul.

Icebergs in the fjord

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