19 of my favourite photographs from Greenland in 2019

By Verified Expert
  1. Dogsledding from Ikerasak to Uummannaq

2. Northern lights above the Ikerasak mountain

3. Ilulissat Icefjord in March

4. Seal resting on iceberg – South Greenland

 5. A musher preparing his dogs just outside of Uummannaq

6. A reconstructed viking church in Qassiarsuk – South Greenland

7. Icefishing in Uummannaq

8. The kissing booth – flowers in South Greenland

9. We found a massive iceberg on a snowmobile trip from Uummannaq

10. Northern lights from the sea ice – Uummannaq

11. More icefishing from Uummannaq

12. Northern lights from the village of Ikerasak

12. Beautiful ice near Uummannaq

13. Dogsledding with fog at sunrise – Uummannaq

14. Sunset from a mountain near Nuuk

15. Northern Lights in Sisimiut

16. Humpback about to dive in South Greenland

17. A storm is brewing in Qaqortoq.

18. The first Puffin I’ve ever seen in Greenland, just outside of Nuuk

19. Beautiful ice near Uummannaq.

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