The amazing Muskox of Kangerlussuaq

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I recently spent a week in Kangerlussuaq doing various projects, which involved a bit of hiking and a bit of exploring.

For example, I was with the destination manager and Sisimiut Museum director, on a bit of an exploration hike to an old crashed airplane, which they needed some photos for, but what I thought was rather amazing was the number of Muskoxen roaming around nearby Kangerlussuaq.

Musk ox in Kangerlussuaq

This photo of a big bull was taken just a few kilometres from the city, you can literally go on a city walk and get lucky enough to see a flock such as this group:

Group of musk ox in Kangerlussuaq

I must’ve seen at least 50 different muskoxen in less than a week, which was really exciting as you usually have to sail and hike far into the mainland in most other places in Greenland, but these big animals are easy to find in Kangerlussuaq and don’t require too much effort to get close enough for some amazing photos.

Two musk ox up close

The muskox is a very important animal in Greenland, as both the meat and fur is highly treasured, and are due to their size and fur quite a sight to see.

I guess my point is to say that if you want to see these big badasses of the arctic or you’re just looking for something to do while staying in Kangerlussuaq, a muskox safari is a great option.

Six musk ox looking towards the camera

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