Northern lights at the northern paradise

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Being in Greenland during the northern lights season, is a good reason for you to feel blessed and lucky. Of course there are many different places in the arctic circle where you can experience this, but in Greenland, the charm is stunning. 

Northen lights

Last winter we booked several excursions at the evening, sometimes we weren’t so lucky and when there was a high activity, the sky was cloudy, and when it was clear and starry, the aurora didn’t show up. 

I am sharing this picture because that specific night, when we were lucky with the forecast and the friendly clouds, we also had a full moon. People use to say that you cannot see the aurora with the moonlight, or that you cannot see the aurora if you are in the city.

Here you can admire the city, the light pollution, and the light of the moon reflected on the snow as well, and some how you can also get amazed by the aurora borealis while it dances in the sky. 

Northen lights

These pictures were taken in Ilulissat, from the window of the hotel I’ve stayed, where the aurora showed up as a lullaby. Fair enough to say again that I’ve been lucky and blessed, since it has been the last night of the trip. Ain’t it the coziest way to go to bed?

Northen lights

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