Open boat trip, opened surprises

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Sunsets, icebergs and northern lights.

If you are visiting Greenland during the end of the summer, you must book a boat trip. No matter where in Greenland you are, as long as you are close to the sea, don’t think it twice! Book a boat trip!

We had a tour on an open boat trip and you may think it was colder than sailing on a closed boat, and yes, you are not wrong, it was pretty much colder, but the captain provided survival suits and warm rubber boots so we could not complain about the weather.

Sunset and birds
Close up picture of an iceberg
Large iceberg in the water

The sun was setting when we started sailing. First we were just enjoying the sunset and afterwards we were sailing around the icebergs. I cannot describe with words the spectacular scenery where the icebergs were tanned in pink, such as the shy clouds, and then the turquoise tint hugging the icebergs underneath, made it delightfully colorful. The shade of the mountains was in perfect harmony, matching in pink, absorbing the last sunburst before it went to sleep behind the

Waterfall seen from a boat
Sunset and a large cloud
Icebergs blocking the sunset
Woman touching an iceberg
Woman posing for a picture in front of an iceberg

There was a seal next to the iceberg, sorry you cannot distinguish it on the pictures. Later we sailed in front of the waterfall and since it has been snowing lately, there was a lot of water melting on the tip of the mountain.
On our way back, we visited an abandoned ship that got stuck in the fjord almost forty years ago.

Iceberg in the water
Iceberg in the water
Sunken ship in the water
Northern lights seen from a boat

This area is a very nice spot across Nuuk, surrounded by summer houses and the locals come here when they spend time fishing or hunting. The sky was very clear and when we were approaching Nuuk, the darkness got decorated with green brushstrokes, we thought it couldn’t be better until we saw a shooting star. An ordinary boat trip will always bring extraordinary surprises in the arctic!

And a short video of this colorful experience!!!

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