Hike to the old settlement – Sermermiut, Ilulissat

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Sermermiut an old settlement which are located at the mouth of the icefjord. No one lives there today, but has been a settlement since 2400 BCE.
In the years 2400 – 700 BCE Saqqaq culture lived here, while it was the Dorset culture in 800 BCE – 0. Then the Thule culture came in 1100 CE  and has been living Here in Greenland ever since, which means these are our ancestors. 

These skulls can be found close to the old settlement higher on the hill because this is a usual place for cemeteries, with the view over the sea. To see and hear more about these cultures you need to book guided tours

Skulls in the ground

The hike to the settlement also has the nicest view to the icefjord, so don’t forget your camera. If you are coming during summer you also need your sunglasses 24/7 because of the midnight sun, therefore also some sunscreen especially when the sun also reflects on the ice.

Icebergs in Ilulissat Icefjord

You can find guided hikes many places, which gives you a complete experience of the places you visit. 

People hiking to Sermermiut

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