Weather in Greenland

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The weather in Greenland can change in no time. We went to bed when it was foggy and during the night it cleared up to become a beautiful summer sunny day. 

Sunny weather in Greenland

If you are visiting Greenland, pack both summer and winter clothes. One day it can look like the picture above, while the same place could look like the picture below during a few hours. 

Also when you are out sailing which many visitors do, it can be very cold even with the midnight sun shining around the clock. It’s just always colder by the water, and you won’t sit indoors when you could sit outside and enjoy the fresh breeze and get a tan 😉

Cloudy weather in Greenland
Foggy day

These pictures are taken at Sermermiut, which is an old settlement half an hour walk from Ilulissat, which has been inhabited by several different cultures starting 4500 years ago. It is not inhabited today but is an amazing attraction for both visitors and locals. It is also part of the UNESCO world heritage list. 

There is a walkway that brings you down to what I would call the valley of paradise. So beautiful with the huge icebergs stranded at the mouth of the ice fjord. These huge icebergs come from a glacier located 70 kilometers further in, which is the most productive glacier in the northern hemisphere. They float in the 1000 meter deep fjord until they hit the mouth of the fjord, which is only 250-350 meters deep. They are stuck here and can`t get out until they break into smaller pieces or melt and are pushed out with the flow.

Cold weather in Greenland
Hike to Sermermiut

You can also do the walk-in minus 20-30 degrees Celcius during winter, but please do pack extra warm clothing if you are planning a winter visit.

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