Ukkusissat | Store Malene

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Ukkusissat (772 m / 2,533 ft) is a mountain peak on the outskirts of Nuuk. It is more commonly known by its Danish name: Store Malene (Big Malene) and is the taller of the two mountains that rise up immediately behind the city.

Sunset over Store Malene from central Nuuk - winter - Guide to Greenland
Sunset over Ukkusissat / Store Malene

Although it is a much more difficult ascent than Quassussuaq / Lille Malene, the views from the summit are even more spectacular. 

Ukkusissat in Summer

Hiking to the top of Ukkusissat / Store Malene is a popular day trip during Summer. Although it is possible to hike it independently, it is advisable to go with a guide to ensure you don’t stray off the route. It is not a simple hike and there is usually someone who needs to be rescued off the mountain each year.

If you are in Nuuk during June/July – it is particularly beautiful to climb late in the evening to enjoy the never-ending twilight from the summit.  It takes around 5 hours for the return trip and guided tours usually include tea/coffee and Greenlandic snacks.

View from the top of Ukkusissat / Store Malene

Ukkusissat in Winter

During the Winter, ascending Ukkusissat / Store Malene is not possible unless you are a very experienced climber with appropriate safety and ice-climbing equipment. 

How to explore Ukkusissat/Store Malene

Hiking tours depart from central Nuuk and include transportation to and from the start point.

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