Fishing in the Greenlandic summer

By Verified Expert

So, the summer has officially ended and my goal to catch a lot of cod completely failed. But honestly… I don’t really care.

Being on a boat in the arctic midnight sun, enjoying the sounds of the water, taking in all the colors, the smell of saltwater, feeling the small movements in the jig made the most magical experience for me.

Man holding up a piece of seaweed in front of the sun

Going jig fishing in Sisimiut is one of the biggest treats. The joy of letting the fishing line slide into the water and the excitement when you pull it back up again is like being a kid again. it’s simple and it’s amazing. 

Woman fishing from a boat in Greenland

However, as I wrote earlier, this summer my fishing luck had run out. Nevermind, I cought a lot of seaweed and it tasted great.

My bad luck is however quite uncommon. Usually jig fishing almost works like a fish-magnet (one summer I caught 7 beautiful cod in 10 minutes).

Sun shining in the horizon

So to me, it’s not about the catch. Jig fishing is about yet another great opportunity to experience the greenlandic nature, to feel the quietness at sea take in and the great powers of the ocean. 


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