Kangerlussuaq and Roklubben Restaurant

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Visiting a town in Greenland with an overnight in Kangerlussuaq? Or maybe your destination is Kangerlussuaq itself? Please do yourself a favor and explore the area, as there is a lot of beautiful scenery hidden not far from the airport. 


Kangerlussuaq Excursions

You can actually stand on the ice cap at the end of the Kangerlussuaq road. This road is the longest in Greenland and is 51 kilometers from the harbor to the ice. You can book yourself on a tour to go see the ice, all year round.

Albatros car

You may be lucky to see some musk ox on these tours. But if you really want the best chance to see these amazing mammals, book yourself on an Flightseeing Tour that takes you over the ice cap and through paradise valley with guaranteed sightings.  

View from the plane

If you are visiting during winter go on a dog sled tour and see the Northern Lights during clear winter nights. 

The Northern Lights is called in Greenlandic: “Arsarnerit” which means “those who play ball”. The story goes that it is our ancestors who are playing with a walrus skull, or the heads of naughty kids ;-P 

Northen Lights

The town of Kangerlussuaq

There are only around 500 inhabitants in Kangerlussuaq and they are all more or less connected to a job at the airport. They have very cold winters and hot summers because it is an inland climate, compared to the rest of our towns and villages which are located around the coast.

Kangerlussuaq idrætscenter

This town has a sports hall with a swimming pool and a gym, so bring your swimming suit and your sports clothes and stay in shape during your vacation. The hall is on the other side of the airport, about 20 minutes on foot. They also have a museum, several souvenir shops, and a restaurant with an amazing view.

Kangerlussuaq may only be a small place but it sure has many things to offer for a visitor. 


Restaurant Roklubben

Want a great taste of Greenland with an amazing view?

Roklubben in Kangerlussuaq

From February to November you have the possibility to visit Roklubben restaurant, which is 20 min by car from the airport (transport can be arranged). They have a Greenlandic buffet as well as an a la carte menu. You can also taste a Greenlandic beer or stronger homemade booze. 

Roklubben in Kangerlussuaq

The Greenlandic beers and boozes are made with local ingredients like berries, angelica, and leaves. 

After lunch or dinner, you can sit outdoors and enjoy the fresh air and view.

If you are visiting during summer do remember to bring mosquito spray. 


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