Sports in Greenland

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A day out with kids on mountain bike
A day out with kids on mountain bike

A mountain bike is great to have in Greenland with all the hills we have, so it’s very rare to see a city bike 🙂
I make courses in Health and Development for youth in Greenland, and I took the picture above when I had a group of youngsters in Sisimiut for a week where besides my lectures went out biking, skiing, and went on hikes. It makes the day a bit better when you do something good for your body!

Sports all year round

Like many other countries, football is a huge sport in Greenland. There is both outdoor football and indoor futsal, which many move indoors for in the winter when everything is snowing.

We have both indoor sports and outdoor sports. Many options both summer and winter.
Therefore we have many competitions all year round, and thus Greenlandic championships are held around the coast all year.

Price winner of "The most active school" in 2021
Prizewinner of “The most active school” in 2021

Active shcool of the year

Every year, health and sports prizes are awarded, which is a big thing. It is shown on tv, read in newspapers, and is all over social media. I took the picture above when we were in Kangerlussuaq to interview the school that won the prize “Active school of the year” in 2021.

Health and sports are a big trend like everywhere else in the world. It has come to stay, so we better get fitter and healthier! 😉

Skiing in Greenland

Alpine skiing in Nuuk
Alpine skiing in Nuuk

Greenland has mountains and snow, but not that many towns have ski lifts. The capital of Greenland Nuuk has 3 lifts, so if you are thinking of taking a skiing vacation in Greenland you might keep this in mind 🙂

Cross country skiing
Cross country skiing

You see cross country skiing all over Greenland and look how beautiful the scenery can be while doing sports! 😉 The picture is from the cross-country slope in Nuuk.

Kayak (Qajaq)

The kayak “Qajaq” was invented in Greenland and is a big part of our culture. In the old days it was a must for boys to learn to row in a kayak to become great hunters, today it is used mostly for leisure and of course also as an important sport.
If you want to experience something special, book kayaking between the ice, it is an unforgettable experience!

Greenlandic competition in Kayak
Kayaking among ice
Kayaking among ice
Elder sports team
Elder sports team

Sports throughout life

There are many associations across the country and there are also some for the elderly. It is important to stay active throughout life! But there must also be room for coziness, and below is a picture of the parking lot for the bingo playhouse 😉

elder get together
Elder get together

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