One week as a greenlandic hunter

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Hunter on a dogsled running across the sea ice in Greenland
Musher sitting on dogsled looking at his sled dogs

– It takes something truly special to live life as a Greenlandic hunter. For one week, I was invited out multiple times with two hunters, Thomas and Marcus, hunting seals, Jonas Beyer Petersen tells. 

Musher using his whip

– The environment is harsh and the purpose honourable; to provide food for both the families of the hunters and even their dog packs.

A greenlandic hunter and a pair of traditional Inuit boots

A quick glimpse as a Greenlandic hunter

Greenlandic hunter shooting his riffle

– This was an amazing experience, living a few days in the life of the hunters. My photo collection is but a glimpse of it, barely doing it justice. 

A greenlandic hunter walks towards his prey, a seal laying on the sea ice

– It would be easy to think that they hunt for sport, but in reality, it’s quite the opposite. The entire animal is used, and it’s done in a respectful and sustainable manner.

A greenlandic hunter standing in front of his prey, a seal. Hungry-looking sled dogs curiously surround the seal

– To emphasize the aesthetic of both the lives of the hunters and the greatness of nature, I have chosen to use black and white photos, so the focus is on the people and the animals in this desert of ice, Jonas Beyer Petersen ends.

Hunter cutting up his prey, a seal
Hunter bringing the seal carcas for the sled dogs to eat
Hunter on the sea ice
Hunter feeding his sled dogs
Cute sled dogs playing on the sea ice
Musher getting the sled dogs ready

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