Fishing and Hunting Adventure in South Greenland

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I have just returned from an adventurous tour in Greenland. Although I am hardly back, my mind is still there. The tour was unforgettable; I experienced new feelings and longings and became closer to nature than ever before. 

I flew in to Narsarsuaq in SouthWest Greenland; from there I sailed to the camp which is in approx 2-3 hours from the airport. That same afternoon I fly-fished for Char close to the camp. 

Fishing for Arctic Char

Arctic Char fishing is amazing. There are just so many of them, good sized, 10 lbs or more. There seem to be endless fishing opportunities around the camp. 

The Arctic Char commonly weighs up to 10 lbs, sometimes even more.

The guides in South Greenland 

Next morning I met my guides, Otto and Inuuteq (father and son) who are without a doubt among the best hunters in South Greenland. They live on the land and sea. It was amazing to observe them; they are part of their country and know the ocean, land and animal life so well. 

The best hunters in South Greenland

They can spot a seal in the ocean miles away and can immediately identify the type, and if it is the right size to shoot. I learned a lot from being with them, and so admire their way of life; how wholesome and kind and amusing they are. They do not speak any English but we managed to communicate. 

Deer hunting in Greenland

There are no roads, so all transportation is by boat. In the morning we went scouting for reindeer and quickly came across a small herd. They were too small to hunt so we kept looking, and in less than an hour, we found a group of five trophy-size reindeer on a small island.

The largest trophy deer

We started chasing them. At first, we lost them, then we got them in our sights and I shot the biggest one, which turned out to be the largest trophy deer shot this season. We took the animal to a local slaughterhouse where the skin, meat and horns were processed. 

I took a bite from the liver of my first reindeer to celebrate. Warm Reindeer liver is not the tastiest thing I have eaten, but in my excitement, I would have eaten anything.

Seal hunting in South Greenland

We sailed up to a glacier where Otto and Inuuteq offered to try to get me into position to shoot a seal. There are many seals in Greenland. They are killed for their skin and meat, so all of the animals is used.

Hunting by boat

Well, trying to shoot a seal from a boat was quite a challenge. I never knew where it is going to pop up, and it only stayed above the surface for a minute or so. I first tried to lie down to shoot but that did not go at all well because the boat was rocking, but when I stood, I managed to get one.

Cod fishing in the Greenlandic nature

As though taking two animals in one day was not enough, I ended the day by catching a beautiful Cod using an old handline. My hands were cut up, but I did not mind. I was so elated by life and by nature, having enjoyed the best hunting day in my life. A day I will always remember. 

Greenland has captured my heart 

In camp we had a big barbeque cooking the catches of the day: a cod, a seal and a reindeer. On the days that followed we visited local villages, fished for Char and Cod and tried for some Atlantic Salmon which we saw jumping in the ocean. We will have to return for those. Greenland has captured my heart. I cannot wait going back.

South Greenland

South Greenland is the perfect destination for nature walks, for observing the wildlife and experiencing the wilderness; marvelling at the endless fjords, glaciers and the magnificent beauty of Greenland.

Summer in South Greenland

In summer South Greenland really is green, and, for those who have an iceberg on top of their wishlist of Things to See, there are plenty of icebergs floating around in the deep blue fjords. 

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