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Frequently Asked Questions

about iceberg & icefjord tours

1. Where can I see icebergs?

Almost anywhere in Greenland. Every single town and settlement in Greenland is situated on the coast. This is because Inuit have historically sustained their living from the sea. In most places in Greenland, from the southern to the northern tip, you will see icebergs. Check the map and if you see a glacier flowing into the sea nearby, you have a guarantee to see icebergs.  

2. What is an icefjord?

Ilulissat Icefjord, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage, is a fjord full of icebergs, both gigantic and small. This happens because the glacier at the bottom of the fjord flows fast and produces very many icebergs. The mouth of the fjord here happens to be shallow and big icebergs get stuck, which makes the fjord fill up with icebergs.

Icefjord is not a geographic term, but a name that is used for some places that have a lot of ice, for example, the Nuuk Ice Fjord.

3. Are there icebergs all year round?

Yes and no. Summer to autumn is the season when there are many icebergs. This is because the glaciers calve icebergs during the summer. When the bottom of the fjord freezes over in the winter and early spring, icebergs will not be released out to sea. So in many fjords south of the Arctic Circle, you may not see many icebergs from winter to spring. 

In northern Greenland, the icebergs get frozen into the fjord. You can go out onto the sea ice where the icebergs are.