The beauty of East Greenland

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Wanna see what beauty really is? Visit East Greenland

Nature is just amazing and I have no words to describe the feeling so I simply suggest you go there yourself! I really rarely promise anything, but if you love nature, beautiful scenery, peace, and mindfulness, I can promise you won’t regret a visit to this part of Greenland. 

Mountians in East Greenland

East Greenland is different from the rest of the country

There is a big difference from East to West, as well as North to South Greenland. I am so lucky to have seen much of my country through my jobs on ships. It was only a few years ago that I first visited East Greenland and oh boy, what a landscape! It was a wild experience. Beautiful glaciers, huge icebergs, and giant, dramatic mountains. So breathtaking!

Glacier in East Greenland

A Cruise in East Greenland

Imagine a new view every day. Views like these! You suddenly feel so small amidst this huge nature. So silent, so pure, so fresh and overwhelming. I took soooo many pictures, and every time I look at them it brings a smile to my face and I feel amazing. That’s what I would call great memories 🙂 

Glacier in East Greenland

I took this picture with my phone, and haven´t done any photoshop or changed the colors. Amazing right?!

This voyage was from Iceland, through Southeast Greenland, and up along the West coast. The weather can be very calm and beautiful but we also had some stormy days. 

Boat tour in East Greenland

See the little yellow safety boat in the above image? I went out with a driver and a colleague to see if we could land safely for our settlement visit. It was a bumpy ride and lots of fun for us! But the waves were too big to take the ship’s passengers so, unfortunately, this day was without a landing. 

The weather changes so fast in Greenland, you must always be prepared for anything! When you visit us here, always make sure you have sunscreen, sunglasses and extra warm layers so you can enjoy every moment outdoors. 

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