Melting glaciers in Greenland

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The glaciers in Greenland are melting, and it makes people ask if the icebergs are dying. Do You want to see the dying icebergs in

More than once I have received an email from potential visitors, with the question: “is it still possible to see the dying icebergs?” and YES it´s still possible, we have still lots of ice.

The glaciers are moving further back to the inland,  some scientists say it´s because of pollution which is human-made, others say it´s totally natural and if we look thousands of years back, the glaciers have been moving back and forth.

Who knows which is right, maybe both. Either way, it won´t harm to be more kind to our mother nature.

The fastest glacier in the northern hemisphere is located 70 kilometers in the Ilulissat icefiord.

I have been going there several times every summer for 11 years and it´s very clear that the glacier front is moving deeper in the fiord.  

Glacier in Greenland
Isua, Ilulissat glacier

We still have plenty of ice, and the glaciers and ice fjords are still very huge and beautiful! 

The picture above is taken from Isua, which is only reachable with a helicopter flight from Ilulissat.

You can also experience the adventure of flying over the glacier and the ice fjord. 

The calving glacier in Eqi, is also moving backward. 
See the difference with the pictures I took in 2009 vs. 2013:

Melting glacier
Eqip sermia

The picture beneath is taken while flying over the mouth of the icefiord. 

This ice fiord is 1000 meters deep, and the icebergs are floating 20-40 meters per day until they hit the mouth of the fiord where it´s only 250-350 meters deep, and stay here until they break into smaller pieces or melt.

Thereafter most of the icebergs go with the current up north, around Disko Island, and then down south.  

Large iceberg
Icebergs from above

To sail among the huge icebergs is an amazing experience, which is a must while visiting Greenland!

Be aware that not all the towns in Greenland have these huge icebergs, but most towns have a glacier, fjord, and icebergs in different sizes nearby.  

This picture is taken from Ilulissat, the most visited town in Greenland during summer. 

Tourists on a boat trip

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