Winter, snow and sun

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Greenland in March is amazing.

Sunrise over Nuuk

It can be a bit cold still but the sun is there, so we´ve got longer days and many amazing winter excursions. 

The evenings can be magical! With the northern lights dancing above the town, which even us locals get excited about!

Northen Ligths over Nuuk

Snow snow and more snow! We´ve got lots of snow in Nuuk the last few days so some houses opened their door to this! 😀 The picture below was at my sister´s house. Crazy how it can look after a snowstorm.

Snow blocking the door

This winter has really been days with snow, snow, cold and colder days! 🙂  We even got pack-ice in Ilulissat for a couple of weeks, while I was there. Very beautiful but annoying for the fishermen. Due to global warming has it been possible to go fishing by boat all year round, for the last 10 years’ time. Before that, they would go by dog sled and make a hole in the pack ice and did long line fishing. 

Frozen Nuuk fjord

How we keep the culture alive with the dog sledding, there is a Greenlandic championship race each year, where each town located north of the arctic circle competes. The reason for it´s only the northern part is that we only have the Greenlandic dog above the arctic circle, where it can be used for the sled, which is not possible further south. 

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