Hiking in the Nuuk Fjord

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My Girlfriend and I recently went hiking between Qooqqut and Kapisillit, You can see the route in the drawing below; the hike takes about 3 days.

Map of the day hike from Kapisillit to Qooqqut

We were dropped off by boat in Qooqqut during the evening, so we just immediately put up a tent near the restaurant and cabins, and went off hiking the next morning. You can easily choose to sail in the morning and then just immediately start hiking. The stars show where we camped as well as the final destination. 

Camp near Qooqqut
Our camp near Qooqqut
The beginning of the hike around Kapisillit
The beginning of the hike
Small river with clear blue water

The hike starts off pretty easy, you just follow along the river throughout the valley.

Two reindeers running in the wild

During our lunch break we actually saw 8 reindeers, and they came pretty close before they realised we were there.

4 adults and 2 young reindeers, running as fast as they can!
4 adults and 2 young, running as fast as they can!
Landscape with a lake and snowy mountain tops

At the end of the valley you start on a bit of an uphill climb, but still fairly easy, and get this wonderful view of this former glacial valley.

Panorama shot of the icefjord in Nuuk

When you reach the top you get a great view of another branch of the fiord, this time with lots of icebergs from the Nuuk Icefiord!

Woman hiking from Kapisillit to Qooqqut

Up there you can actually already see the final destination – the settlement of Kapisillit. We camped right by that lake, just before a nice descent. That day we walked approx. 18 km.

Woman hiking from Kapisillit to Qooqqut

Next morning on the way down to the beach. 

Hiking on a beach in Nuuk Fjord

By the beach there were several small icebergs, and noticeably less mosquitoes and flies which was pretty great. We also chipped off some of the ice just to cool down with them. We joked around and called them our very own Eskimo Candy.

Black bird in the water

On our next lunch break we were joined by a great northern diver as well as another reindeer!

Reindeer coming towards hikers taking a picture

Climbing up from the beach to the lake was probably one of the most idyllic places i’ve ever seen in Greenland.

Tall mountain across the fjord
Beautiful place!

We ended our day in a place called Itinnera, where you see the second star. There is a sort of hostel/cabin that’s free to use if it isn’t already filled with kids on a weekend trip.

Hiker walking on the beach with her large bag

We hiked about 20 km that day. We had pretty tired feet but it was only about 8 km the next day to Kapisillit. In Kapisillit you can get supplies, as well as a shower, but beware. They close at 4 pm. You can also just arrange to be picked up there although it might be worth your while to stay an extra night as it’s an easy hike to the Nuuk Icefiord from there. There is also a ferry that goes to and back from Kapisillit every thursday.

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