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Top 4 Vacations

Explore Greenland and its natural wonders.

Nuuk The Worlds Smallest Capital
4 Day Package Tour In Nuuk

Nuuk The Worlds Smallest Capital

This journey takes you to the world’s smallest and most colourful capital – Nuuk! At the mouth of its own fjord system lies Nuuk, surrounded by endless veins of fjord and spectacular beauty. The urban city life perfectly collaborates with the surrounding nature, therefore you are promised a dream...

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Amazing 4 Days | Ilulissat | Disko Bay
4 Day Tour in Disko Bay

Amazing 4 Days | Ilulissat | Disko Bay

This is a fully escorted tour to West Greenland and includes 4 guided tours from Ilullisat. Visit a UNESCO world heritage site. Greenland is one of the premier destination for people dreaming of a trip to the Arctic - uncrowded wilderness and the exciting traditional Inuit culture. Are you looking for...

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Unplugged Wilderness | East Greenland

Unplugged Wilderness | East Greenland

Boat assisted trek in East Greenland Uncover the most wild and remote places in Greenland on this extraordinary trip. Here the mountains are steeper, the icebergs more abundant. The local Inuits stay close to their origin, as their survival is still dependant on their fishing and hunting successes. Deep...

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Highlights of Iceland & West Greenland | 8 Days

Highlights of Iceland & West Greenland | 8 Days

Stay 4 nights in Reykjavik, Iceland's capital. There is a lot to see and a lot to do in a short time. Walk around the world-famous Geysir hot spring area, visit the magnificent Gullfoss waterfall and enjoy the soothing Blue Lagoon. Stay 3 nights in Ilulissat, West Greenland, which is popular for visitors...

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Greenland

Greenland is that big white space close to the north pole. Do people actually live there? Are there airports where planes can land? The below are some answers to get your planning started. We are here to make your adventure to Greenland come true. Come and explore our beautiful land.

1. What can I do in the summer?

Boat tours to see icebergs and glaciers, and hiking the Arctic landscape, are popular things to do. It doesn’t get dark at night, so you can enjoy the landscape as long as you want to. Whales frequent the waters, birds come migrating, and it is a season that’s easy to meet the other wildlife in Greenland too, such as herds of muskoxen. 

2. Can I go there in the winter?

Yes, Greenland is a great place to see aurora borealis, the northern lights. There are tours that take you on dogsledding experiences, and snowshoeing tours are a perfect way to go hiking into the snowy landscape. There are icebergs any time of the year, and up north you will see them frozen into the fiord.

3. How do I get to Greenland?

You can fly to Greenland from Copenhagen, Denmark, or Reykjavik, Iceland. There are 6 international airports in Greenland. 

 Flights from Iceland are by small aircraft, that bring you to various towns around Greenland. Flights from Denmark are by large jets that bring you to the hub airport of Greenland, from where you can connect to domestic flights to all around Greenland. Some international routes fly only in the summer.

4. Where in Greenland should we go?

Greenland is a big country - the same size as Western Europe (from Portugal to Poland), or from Chicago to Mexico City. The different areas are quite diverse, from hunters in the North to sheep farmers in the South. 

Ilulissat and Disko Bay in the North is well-known for the gigantic icebergs from the World Heritage Ilulissat Icefjord. The capital Nuuk and the huge fjord behind it offers diverse activities. The mid region from Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut, and South Greenland, both newly listed by UNESCO as World Heritages, have fantastic outdoor opportunities and cultural sites. Last but not least, East Greenland, smaller towns such as Maniitsoq, and the far north have fascinating untouched nature, and unique cultures of each area.

5. Is it better to take a package trip when I travel to Greenland?

If you would like to come on your own, you can choose from many day-tours, from cultural programs in town, to hiking or kayaking. There are also multi-day programs that start and end in Greenland, which you can combine with other plans. Take a look at our flight information by pressing the plane icon on the left, to see how to get here and travel around. One thing you need to be aware of, is that you cannot drive or take a train from town to town. If you want to see more than one town in Greenland, get your flight or ferry plans in place first. 

Our section for Vacation Packages has a wide variation, from guided trips to see the highlights of Greenland, to expedition ships sailing to remote areas. If you are interested in trekking, kayaking or experiencing a glacier walk, these programs with professional guides and transportation to pristine areas are a wonderful experiences which are not easy to set up by yourself. 

"The view in Greenland is magical. No high-voltage cables, no contrails in the sky and absolute silence. In summer the endless sunset's looks dramatic with new colors every day".

Norbert Eisele-Hein

6. What are Ice Cap Tours?

Ice Cap tours allow you to explore the inland ice of Greenland. The vast expanse of ice spreading in front of you is truly an unforgettable experience. They are one of Greenland's most popular activities for travelers.

7. Can I see the midnight sun anywhere in Greenland?

Above the Arctic circle, the sun stays above the horizon during the summer.The further north you go, the longer the period of the midnight sun. But also in southern Greenland, it doesn’t get dark at midnight. You just get a long sunset that turns into sunrise.

8. Where can I see the northern lights?

You can see them almost anywhere, except the furthest north.The northern tip of Greenland is too far north to see them frequently.

9. Are there people who live in igloos?

No, people live in colorful Scandinavian type houses.

10. Is there wifi in Greenland?

Yes, the communication infrastructure in Greenland is fairly advanced, considering how remote it is. But it’s expensive to build the infrastructure, so it’s not as cheap as in Europe or North America. The telecommunication company in Greenland has some good deals for travelers.


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