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Frequently Asked Questions

About Adventures in Greenland

1. How can I get to Greenland?

There are scheduled flights from Denmark, and from Iceland. You can read more by pressing the plane icon on the left side of the page.

2. Is there a good train network around Greenland?

There are no trains in Greenland and there are no highways either. Actually there is no place where two towns are connected by road, so don’t plan a long distance cycling trip either. To travel from town to town, you need to book a plane, helicopter or ferry, find a tour boat, or go by dogsled if you’re traveling in winter in the north. 

Every single town and settlement in Greenland is situated by the sea, and many lie on islands. Glaciers, cliffs, deep fiords and sheer distances make it impossible to make or maintain road systems outside towns. Getting around is an adventure in itself, with magnificent views from the air, water or sled.

3. What are the popular things to see and do?

If you come in the summer, a boat trip will take you close to icebergs and glaciers, or to small settlements. Bring a sturdy pair of hiking boots, and a few minutes out of town, you are in the midst of fantastic nature. Enjoy the long hours of the midnight sun.

You have good chances to see northern lights in the dark winter skies. Dogsledding is still part of daily life for many Greenlanders, and there are short experiences to multi-day trips. If you like to play in the snow, enjoy snowshoeing, randonée or cross country skiing - spring brings long hours of daylight with blue skies, powder snow and views of icebergs.

4. Can I go to Greenland in the winter?

Greenland is great to visit in the winter. It is one of the best places to witness the northern lights, which are only visible during the winter months. If you love snowy landscapes, or are into winter sports, this paradise is for you!

5. Is there something that I can do only in Greenland?

Seeing the inland ice sheet is a fantastic experience. The Greenland ice sheet is 2400 km (1500 miles) long and 1100 km (860 miles) wide, and over 3km (1.9 miles) thick at it thickest point. You can see the inland ice from many places around Greenland, but if you want to set your feet onto the vast expanse of ice, Kangerlussauq, the hub airport of Greenland, is easiest place to do that. To just feel how big the piece of ice you’re standing on - many people say it’s an experience that simply can’t be put into words. You have to see it for yourself.

There are many other unique experiences in Greenland - huge glacier fronts that break icebergs into the sea, cruising among icebergs by boat, seeing muskox under the midnight sun, and meeting the welcoming people of Greenland. We hope you make some friends up here!

6. Do I need to be very fit to travel to Greenland?

Greenland has activities for every level of fitness. Major towns have facilities that are friendly to the disabled, and we also see many elderly visitors. Boat trips take you close to icebergs and glaciers and sight in the fiords that cannot be accessed from land. 5 or 10 minutes out of town, you will find yourself walking in beautiful nature, and there are hiking opportunities for beginners and experts. If you are looking for long treks, kayaking, climbing, skiing etc., we promise you an experience of a lifetime.

7. What kind of risks are there? Isn't it very wild and remote?

Not being ready for the weather is the greatest risk you have. Weather in the Arctic can change fast, and it’s not fun to be wet or cold or to be caught in high winds. It can be dangerous if you’re on a trek on your own. Dress properly, pay attention to the weather forecast, and ask your guide or local people for information. 

 One thing that is special about Greenland is that you need to be aware of icebergs. If you are kayaking, remember that only 10% is showing above the water and that it can roll or crack at any moment. Give big icebergs a wide berth. If you are on shore, icebergs cracking or glaciers fronts calving can cause a tsunami. If you hear a sound like thunder, look around, and go to higher ground if necessary.